The Chef


Fabiano Viva

I am 46 years old, I have two sons and a wife who I love and I own two restaurants. My life is passion, efforts and big changes, so it has been inevitable to work behind the stove. In fact, there is no cooking without passion, without fire and without changes. In the past, I worked as a radio host and a sport journalist, and then I worked for Mixer Media Management group. For this reason, I like being with my clients and tell them the beauty of our local products and how fantastic was to work them to create my dishes. My idea of cooking is simple: my leading guide is my land, my sea and my memory... nothing else. I have been lucky to work next to great experts who taught me first how to live. I must thank, above all, Enrico Crippa and Antonio Zaccardi of the Piazza Duomo Restaurant, 3 Michelin stars at Alba, for making me understand the importance of ingredients, the respect for the territory, and the art of cooking. Then, I must thank Enrico Bartolini, chef in the same name restaurant at Mudec in Milan, 2 Michelin stars, where I learnt the elegance and the aesthetic of the dish. But I owe a thank to all farmers, enologists, winemakers, fishermen, bakers, pastry chefs, pasta producers, dairymen, agronomists I met during the years and that I keep on meeting day by day more as a pleasure than as a duty. Finally, I thank my father and my mother, just because they exist.